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Pick a friend and don’t change half way through.

1) What’s their name?

2) Does he or she have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
No ^^

3) Do you get along with this person all the time?
Yes, but we're just waiting for the big fight XD

4) How old is the person?

5) Has he/she ever cooked for you?
Yes, very often :D

6) Is this person the same age as you?

7) Have you ever kissed this person?
Not really o.o

8.) Have you ever laughed for longer than 2 minutes?
Oh.. yes -.-'

10) Are you really close to him/her?
She is my dearest and most precious friend :)

11) Nicknames?
Ryu, thats all I call her.

12) Do they have a nickname for you?
Momo, thats all she calls me o.o

13) Have you and this person been outside the country?
No, but I would like to go to Japan with her o.o

14) Do you think they will repost this?
In that case... Where? O_o

15) Could you live with this person?
Maybe... okey, yes.

16) Why did you pick this person?
Becuase I love her very very much ^o^

17) How long have you known this person?
A few years :)

18) What's your favourite thing to do with this person?
Talk, just chill and take walks

19) Can you name one favorite memory with this person?
Yesterday when we walked to the bus station.

20) Have you ever joint bought something?

21) If you ever moved away would you miss this person?
If you mean.. like... to another city, yes. I would miss her 'til my heart broke.

22) Have you ever written a song with this person?
We tried ones o.o

23) Have you ever done something really stupid or illegal with this person?
No O_O what are you aiming for with this question?

24) How many piercings does this person have?
One in each ear? Dunno' o.o

25) Would you date this person’s siblings?
No, never -.-

26) Have you ever made something with this person?
That depends on what you mean o.o

27) Have you ever cried with this person?

28)Have you and this person ever got into a fight?
No, not really.

29) Have you gone skinny dipping with this person?
What the hell is that O.o

30) Write something only they will understand.
You're hot!

31) What's something special you share?
Our friendship? :3

32) What's the nicest thing they've ever given you?
Look above.

33) Have you ever worn this person’s clothes?
No, but she've worn mine :P

34) What's this person's favorite food?
Sushi? :)

35) If it was “freaky friday” would you switch bodies with this person?
No, I wouldn't

36) Have you ever heard this person sing?
Alot of times o.o

37) Do you and this person frequently get drunk?
I'm never going to start driking, so we dont.

38) Have you ever stolen anything from this person?
No, I haven't ^^

39) Have you ever gone dancing with this person?
No o.o Yes! At a disco XD

40) If this person were a colour, what would they be?
Green XD

41) Whens the next time you will see this person?
Soon? o_o

42) Does this person have brothers and/or sisters?
One sister and two brothers o.o

43) If you could spend a day anywhere in the world with this person, where would you go?
Tokyo ^^

44) What are you looking forward to be doing with this person?
Dunno o.o

45) What makes this person feel happy?
Fun stuff? 8D

46) Do you and this person talk a lot?
Yes, yes indeed o_o

47) Can you describe this person in one word?
Lovely :3

48) If you were to make a film of this person's life, what would you call it?
Watch out!

49) Do you want to go out with this person?
Not really, I don't swing that way.

50) Do you want to be friends with them forever?
Ofc! ♥